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Chitlange Khukuri

Product Code : GKHKC-2010
Price US $ : 65.00
Product net weight : 550.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 900.00 grams.
Total Length: : 15.5 Inch
Blade Length: : 10 Inch
Materials used : Highly Graded Carbon steel, Rose Wood and Buffalo Leather
In Stock : Yes
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Product Description

Chitlange Khukuri, another famous Gurkha Khukuri knife made in Nepal. This Khukuri/kukri represent a particular village named Chitlang Village which is situiated 25 km. south west from capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. There are some different sizes of blade are famous. The most poular blades are 13 Inch blade and 10 Inch Blade.
This is the newer, nicer and better version of the Chainpure khukuri. The shape/design of the knife is made like that of the Chainpure however with improved and superior execution.The forging of the blade with large bevel from the tip all the way down to the notch makes the kukri very special and rare as this is a difficult process of crafting even for the skilled craftsman consuming him more effort and time. The large elongated bevel is forged to withstand the hardest blow, severe impact and to make cutting easier and more effective. The bulky bevel also works as an "I Beam" system where it observes the impact and gives less tension to the blade and also cuts down unnecessary weight of the blade. The wooden handle is also nicely made for easier grip. The handle’s shape widens as it finishes towards the butt cap. The rat tail tang is secured with keeper peened over at the brass pommel cap.

Complimentary: A Gurkha's Traditional hat and a Khukuri batch will be given on include of the price.

Khukuri is Handicraft product. The actual weight/size on every product could be some grams/cm different than  mentioned on the  page.
Shipping weight for multiple product could be less than display on the page. Plz contact us with desire product   code to know the   total shipping weight before making Payment.

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